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The Commonwealth Games 2022

Opening Title Sequence

The opening/closing title sequence for the commonwealth games is a combination of 2D animation and live action video. Where the camera takes the viewer in a fast paced, high energy journey around well-known Birmingham landmarks.

I created a combination of hand drawn and rotoscoped animation with after effects compositing to show a diverse range of people, places and vibrancy in the city. 

Art Director - Holly Jameson

Cinematography - Paul Machale

Time Lapse Cinematography - James O'Connell

Character Design - Holly Jameson

Cel Animation - Holly Jameson

Additional Animation - Emily Chambers

Additional Animation - Yasmin Cowen

Additional Animation - Chris Mair

Sound Design - Michael Carnell

Music - Muchas Music


Images used to win the project and create storyboards


Some videos from the production process

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